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Blockhouse Bay

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Welcome to Audiology Associates

  • Fully qualified Audiologist & Audiometrists

  • Member of the New Zealand Audiological Society


If you are seeking treatment for your hearing disorders, our team of experienced audiologists in Auckland offers professional diagnosis to help your case. We fit all brands of hearing aids and other products to support your hearing. We also offer other products, such as ear plugs, ear moulds, swim plugs, doorbell amplifiers, and batteries.


Our ear clinic in Auckland offers services that meet your needs. This includes the following:


Hearing Tests – Screening & Diagnostics

Fitting of Hearing Aids – Follow Up Care & Advice with Repairs

Advice on Hearing Protection

Ageing   -    Hearing  Assessment Services   -    Adjustments


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New Lynn

Level 2, Totara Health Ctr

1 McCrae Way


Ph: (09) 827 0709

For Audiology Associates, your sense of hearing is an important priority. We understand the importance of sharp hearing, which is why we are here to serve you.


Quality service is our utmost commitment. Our team continually updates our product knowledge and skills to serve you better. In case of malfunctioning hearing aids, we also offer repair and problem solving services for the entire lifespan of your aid.


Our seasonal offers provide special discounts on our products and services. We also advise clients regarding any subsidies or funding for their benefit.


Audiology Associates is here to help with all your hearing needs.


Get in touch with us and let us know how we can be of service.